Fish Oils and Getting Pregnant Fast

Video from Marc Sklar, The Fertility Expert and Amy Pamensky, our nutritionist to talk about fish oils and getting pregnant fast.

Fish oil is an omega 3 fat and it’s very anti-inflammatory.

And as we’ve talked about in some of our other videos that fats are really important for hormone balancing.

Fish oils are also great for brain health; so for memory; for helping to balance blood sugar as well. So many really great benefits to fish oil supplementation.

Amy: Well I recommend liquid fish oil over capsules and there may be a few exceptions but most fish oils or I would say all fish oil supplements that I know of the capsules have a really thick gel casing around them and that can actually be really hard to digest.

So even with other supplements as well if you have any digestive issues or if you just want to get the most out of your supplements a lot of times I will recommend either a powder or a liquid form. So for fish oil I would recommend liquid and for most people you probably think that’s gross but it doesn’t taste like fish oil.

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It’s usually mixed with an essential oil so some of them taste like more orange; some taste more like lemon and one tip that I have if you’re doing like liquid fish oil is definitely keep it in the fridge because when it’s a colder temperature it just goes down a lot easier.

So for me I don’t love the flavor; actually the flavor doesn’t bother me just the texture, it’s like oil.

So I usually take my fish oil and then I take a sip of my smoothie or take a bite of food and it’s completely gone.

Other people really like to just put a squeeze of lemon on their tongue and the acidity helps to completely take the flavor right away.