[TESTIMONIAL] How to get Pregnant Fast – 3 Simple Tips

How to get Pregnant Fast – 3 Simple Tips from Christina.

I wanted to make a quick video to give you some tips on how to get pregnant or how to get pregnant fast.

I started to think about this topic because my aunt tries to get pregnant already for 3 or 4 years, she tried everything and went to every doctor. Then, suddenly, she was pregnant and everybody was crazy about it. She said, she bought an ebook for $70 or so, I think now it’s even cheaper, and just one month later she was pregnant. ¬†She gave it to me and it’s huuuge! Way over 200 pages.

Anyway, my aunt just took 3 small tips to make that happen:

1. First she changed her diet, ate plenty of fish and organic meat, cut out refined carbohydrates, and took some extra of vitamins a and b.

2. Then she cleaned her body from toxics with a one week juice cleans. You can even make a small one, like 3 days, even this makes a big difference.

3. Third she bought a basic basal thermometer, and she measured her basal body temperature every morning. It was the first what she did every morning. So she found out on which day her ovulation was. On this day the basal body temperature drops slightly.

Yeah, basically thats it.
I hope I could help some of you!